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How to define a

If customer experience (CX) refers to the sum of every interaction a customer has with a business, both pre- and post-sale, the customer experience strategy defines the actionable plans in place to deliver a positive, meaningful experience across those interactions. 

A successful customer experience strategy should take into account a number of important factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Competitive insight

  • Consumer research

  • Marketplace data

  • Mission & vision

CX Planning
Experience Gap
Experience & Operational Data
Experience Gap

5 Star Customer Experience

5 Star Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Management

It is no longer enough to just have a list of customers to reach out to. With maturing markets the focus is shifting to Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV) and to get the best CLV, it is important to understand your customers like never before.

CRM will not only allow you to understand your customers but nurture them and be there for them at every step of their product usage and experience journey. This means that you can no longer be happy about your exceptional sales but need to drive an amazing after sales experience with constant contact throughout the life of the product. 




We believe that observing and understanding people and how they interact with products and services provides a solid foundation for any project. 

Inbound Voice 

Receive all calls from a centralized platform that routes inbound calls efficiently and effectively across your workforce. 


Provide support to customers and prospects on their terms across various messaging platforms. 


Interact with customers in real time on your website to answer questions, give support or close sales. 


Automate outbound dialing across your workforce ensuring your agents spend time efficiently. 


Route and respond to email, just like voice — all within a unified desktop. 


Make social media a priority for customer engagement. 

Customer Engagement
Employee Engagement


experience and


At X!, we live and breathe employee experience every day. We help organizations to measure and improve their employee experience, which leads to a whole host of benefits for both the company and its employees. 

For some people, though, there exists some confusion regarding terminology. Not everyone is entirely clear on the difference between employee experience and employee engagement. While both are important, there are certainly notable differences between the two and it’s necessary to address this distinction.  

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