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Digital Transformaion
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Social Media Mangement
Digital Advertising
Web Asset Creation
Mobile Appliction Development

In today’s market environment, Digital Marketing is ever-evolving and constantly changing at a rapid pace. With the growing adoption of digital technology and acceptance of information technology in every space of a customer’s life, marketing in this digital space has become crucial for all businesses, big or small. Reaching out to customers online can be rewarding (but also scary and difficult experience!!) with excellent ROI. 

This is where X! comes in to save the day! We are experts in the marketing, especially in the digital marketing, space. Our experience involves developing short- and long-term digital marketing strategies with a constructive roadmap for businesses. 

In today’s industrial climate it makes sense to adopt leaner and quicker operational frameworks – an idea that has given rise to digital transformation services, more boutique and agile in nature. 


Digital transformation is the business need of the hour, and it also comes rich with opportunity and dividends, transforming the way businesses interact, and industries operate. Whether a company provides products or services, new information is essential to make the product smart or to take a service onto the web. Now, the pressure is on established companies to act. 



Start your digital acceleration journey 

Digital Transformation

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the key pillars of digital marketing. Imagine your brand turning itself into a part of your customer’s life. With the skyrocketing growth of social media across the world and especially in Qatar where it has almost 100% penetration, social media is the ideal platform to reach out to the right customers at the right time and influence a purchase decision. Our team is composed of experts in using different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., primed to generate massive influence in the social space. We understand that this category of media is dynamic and changes every day, so we are continually keeping up to date with the latest developments and digital trends. Contact us today to know how your brand can win on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more! 

Social Media Management


Give us a budget and we can turn it into traffic on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and Bing. We love supporting campaigns with these! In between, we will be providing you with reports and analysis to help make decisions on revising, improving or re-allocating ad budget, depending on performance, your preference and our expert advice. We will work on this together. Our goal is not just to make you famous, but also to make sure you become known by people who you want to be introduced to. 

Digital Advertising




Who doesn’t like being on the first page of Google! Through a structured SEO plan combined with an optimized website, we aim to help your page climb up the search ladders and reach to top spot of customer attention. With new, revised Google algorithms, it is no longer just matter of adding a few backlinks to get your website up there. Now it is all about genuine and interesting content interspersed with the right amount and kind of keywords. 




Website development is more than just having a page or domain online and giving brief information about yourself. Research has proven that more than 60% of the purchase decision by a customer is made online by researching the websites and social media platforms and analyzing the information available. With the growing trend of googling and smartphones/tablets, it has become crucial for a website to be responsive and adapt to the various screens. Websites of today have to be interactive, responsive, engaging, user-friendly with clear call-to-actions to promote conversions. You can get this and more with X!, just ask for a consultation on how we can improve your existing website or build a brand new one for it. 

Website Development

Kick-Start Your

E-commerce Marketplace



Everything in
one place

Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as
selling in one. With our solution, you get one unified platform to run
your business with ease.

All the features you want,

none of the hassle

Brand and customize your store
Mobile commerce ready
Your own domain name
Web-based website builder
Unlimited bandwidth
99.98% uptime

Free SSL certificate

Search engine optimized


Inventory management

Multiple languages

Customer groups


Selling your products in
many places should be
every bit as simple as
selling in one. With our
solution, you get one
unified platform to run
your business with ease.


Creating a hierarchy for
categories has never
been this easy. Add Sub-
Categories easily and let
your customer to filter in
their desired products.

Search Filters

With advanced search
filters, filter any
product specification
i.e. size, color, style,
material, configuration,
dimensions, etc. to find
suitable product is a few
clicks away.

Secure Payment

To accept payment securely we have affiliated ourselves with the best industry payment gateways. Plus they are already integrated with the system so no longer waiting to start accepting payments.



Custom discount engine fulfills all your marketing needs. With a variety of options like Cash Discount, Percentage Discount, Category Discount, or just a simple bundle offer. 

Sell on
Social Media

Selling on Social Media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. has never been this fun. You can share your product with a direct payment link for

instant sales. 



Wide-ranging SEO features

like Titles, Meta tags, Meta Descriptions, Image Tags and URLs can be generated automatically or you can add your own details and optimized all your product pages, category and static page for easy discovery.



Managing your online
store has never been this
easy. The Admin app lets
you manage products,
process orders, manage
inventory, etc. In brief
it lets you use all the
functionalities of web
admin panel.

Mobile Application


Research about Qatar market has shown that smartphones have over 100% penetration in the market. While responsive websites do help in improving the user experience on mobile or table screen, nothing can beat having a dedicated mobile app to enhance the customer experience and improving your brand visibility. Not mention having an open and free marketing channel to your customers through push notifications! X! can provide you with mobile app options ranging from a simple, information based app to a complex, customized application connected to your business systems that can truly provide your customers a 360-degree experience. 

Mobile App Development



With marketing getting truly integrated and connected, it is important to maintain content uniformity across platforms. We can help you create content uniquely tailored to every platform, yet retaining the uniformity and essence of the campaign. Be it social media posts, website banners, web content, mobile content, dynamic HTML banners or adaptive emailers, we have all the solutions available under one roof with top notch quality and quick response time. 

Web Asset Creation
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